Inspired by a visit back in 2008 to the 'Okhra Conservatoire des Ocres' in Roussillon and the natural earth pigments found in the local soil Susie spent several years experimenting with different methods of using the ochre on cloth before discovering an ancient Japanese recipe of using soya milk as a binder that allows the cloth to remain tactile and colourfast, this recipe is now well documented online.  Each piece of  work is built up of many layers by painting, mono-printing and using homemade carborundum plates that results in a wonderful depth of colour and gives the subtle background marks that influence her hand stitching;  the repetitive process of applying the layers of pigment and the meditative slowness of the stitching are an integral part of her practice.

'Hill Farming’ 2018  raw earth pigment and stitch  85 x 60cm photograph Katie Vandyck

'Harbour Wall' 2016 carborundum print 90 x 90cm hanging at Menier Gallery


'Furnace Wood' 2015,  at RA Summer Exhibition 2016 (sold)


'Gravitational Force 1687' 2014 155 x 110cm winner of Fine Art Quilt Masters 2015 

'Volets du Luberon' 2017  raw earth pigment and stitch 115 x 80cm

'Rouge de Madras' 2016 carborundum print raw earth pigment 50 x 50 cm (sold)

'Harbour Wall Sunset' 2017 carborundum print 90 x 90 cm photograph Katie Vandyck

'Spirit of Hamburg' 2015 raw earth pigment and stitch (sold)


'Driftwood' 2017  raw earth pigment and stitch  60 x 85 cm photograph Katie Vandyck


'Climping Beach' 2014 at RA Summer Exhibition 2016 (sold)


'Raw Earth' 2016  carborundum print raw earth pigment 30 x 60 cm (sold)


Ridgeway ii & iii (sold)