Two red dots on opening week of the RA Summer Exhibition

Posted on June 15, 2016

The Summer Exhibition at the RA opened this week and both pieces of my work have sold.  “Climping Wood” sold on Buyers Day and “Furnace Wood” in the opening week. The exhibition is great and definitely worth a visit.

“Furnace Wood” (846) is in Gallery VIII selected and hung by David Remfry RA and Climping Beach (1014) is next door in Gallery IX selected and hung by David Mach RA, Cathie PilkingtonRA & Bill Woodrow RA.  On page 30 of the Summer Exhibition Illustrated catalogue (double page photograph) “Climping Beach” is shown lying on the floor of Gallery IV – the opposite end of the RA from Gallery IX!

This is the first year you can view and buy the artwork online  Summer Exhibition Explorer. It gives a good overview of the exhibition and details of the artwork in each Gallery. You can view Climping Beach and Furnace Wood.

On Saturday 11 June BBC2 broadcast  Royal Academy Summer Exhibition.  Morgan Quaintance and Kirsty Wark access all areas at the Royal Academy as the institution prepares for its annual artistic extravaganza.

This year’s show is curated by the sculptor Richard Wilson and will bemarked by what he calls the ‘wow factor’. ABC bring their glamorous pop genius to the RA and we also hear the stories of the aspiring artists who submitted their paintings in the hope of getting on the walls of this hallowed institution.

Susie Koren