brushstrokes & lines exhibition with the Cart Lodge Artists Forest Row

I have been attending The Cart Lodge Art group for the past 10 years and although I am not a painter it has been great to explore different mediums and work alongside talented artists who had been taught and inspired by Anke Loewensprung before she left the area.

Krista was approached a year ago by the Christian Community in Forest Row and asked whether we would be interested in exhibiting there. We agreed and met to discuss the exhibition last June shortly before Krista decided to return home to Switzerland to be near her family. In September we realised with all our other commitments that we needed to spend our Fridays that we normally met to paint getting our artwork framed and organising the PR etc. for the exhibition. It is always gratifying and rewarding to see your own work properly framed and ready to hang and we are looking forward to meeting anyone who can make the Open Evening on 28 February.

Below is a flyer with all the details:

Screenshot 2019-02-07 16.46.04.png