In her studio inspirational corners of found treasures from walks, working notebooks, samples and reference books  are all an important part of her working practice.  When out walking Susie always carries a pocket sketchbook, watercolour paints and takes photographs; the walking is an important part of the creative process; ‘it stills my mind and connects me to the landscape’. Back in the studio the sketchbooks function as reminders of the colours, textures, sounds of a particularly place. The A4 workbook has sketches of ideas and annotated working drawings and samples stuck in, they are not neat books.



Susie also enjoys creating ‘art’ sketchbooks for exhibitions and participated in the 2012 & 2018 Sketchbook Project; these book can be viewed on line and are filed at the Brooklyn Library in New York.

"Pigment Landscape Coast"  2017 Edwardsville Art Centre Exhibition, Illinois USA


 "Book of Stitch"  2018  studio reference book of stitches


“Land Sea Sky” 2019 (commission)


“Harris & Lewis” 2019 studio reference book from trip to the Outer Hebrides. Click here to read the BLOG


Sketchbook Project links

'Sketchbook of Ideas' 2012 click here to view 

'Book of Stitch & Line' 2018 click here to view