The earlier series of work ‘Lines and Text’  was based on Susie's personal interpretation of the I Ching, using the batik technique to draw simple lines or abstract text with the wax to create the hexagrams of the 'I Ching' and then discharged the cloth to create the subtle tones and marks.   The stitches in all her work are seen as  'drawn' line or abstract mark-making adding an extra layer to the work.


'Find the Balance' 2010 (sold)


'Keeping Still' 2011 (sold)


'I Ching VXI' 2014


'Obstruction II' 2012 (sold)

'Lines' 2012 (sold)


'Memories' 2010


'Obstruction' 2012


'Yarrow Sticks' 2014


'Lines I' 2012 'Lines III' 2013 (sold)


'Spirit of the River"‘ 2014 (sold)