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European Art Quilt "Grande Finale"

European Art Quit 'Grande Finale'

“The Historical Museum de Bevelanden in collaboration with the European Art Quilt Foundation has organised a unique exhibition of recent ART QUILTS and textile art of great variety from 18 European countries .  The participants are all artists who have exhibited their work during the past 25 years in one of the eight European Art Quilt Foundation’s exhibitions.  The exhibition is spread across all three floors of the building.  

Textile Art
The objects on show concern high level textile art from all parts of Europe. Therefore the  differences in culture, climate and tradition are clearly visible. The objects presented
range from realism to abstract and from gentle to confrontational. It is a highly colourful exhibition showing two-dimensional work as well as three dimensional installations. With this exhibition the European Art Quilt Foundation certainly lives up to its objective of drawing attention to this form of ART.” 

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